Working at Gendius

RoleLead Designer
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Intellin splash image >< Writing in progress


I joined Gendius in early 2018 and was working until May 2021. Gendius mission was to help people with diabetes understand the secondary complications, and help to manage their condition better - all through the app based platform called Intellin. In parallel, we were utilising the captured data to work on the algorithm that allows us to see patterns and correlations between the disease and other parts of the body (e.g. kidneys, feet, heart).

During my time with Gendius I was wearing many hats so to speak - to summarise, I was responsible for:

  • Redesign of the Intellin branding,
  • Redesign the Gendius website (
  • Redesign of the Intellin app - starting from scratch (iOS & Android),
  • Build a design system that was later on used in building an app platform for AstraZeneca (Gulf Region),
  • Producing and designing educational videos and presentations (YouTube channel),
  • Deploying and maintaining the Intellin support website,
  • Working on investors' newsletters and PowerPoint presentations
  • Maintaining and producing content for social media channels

Redesign of the Intellin branding

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

One of my very first tasks at Gendius was to refresh the Intellin logo, in I way that would capture the essence of a modern tool that can be trusted by patients who were using our platform. Intellin is an app based platform, that helps people with diabetes to track, manage and understand secondary complications related to the condition.

In this assignment, I’ve interviewed Gendius co-founders, Chris and Rory how would they describe the Intellin platform and what was their vision moving forward. I’ve also asked anonymously (on diabetes web forums) what is the symbol/pictograph that reminded people of diabetes and what did they think of the cube symbol - the old (cube) logo, reminded people of sugar - which is a common misconception of diabetes.

Based on the above information I’ve started playing with some ideas heavily inspired by the World Diabetes Day - the blue torus symbol. And that’s how Intellin blue torus logo came to its inception. I intended to portray unity, continuity and stability. Adding gradients, to emulate a twisted torus in a 3d space, I wanted to add some motion to the still object - metaphorically: an infinite stream of advanced data, that Intellin was capturing.

Intellin - Old vs new logo ><

To extend its application cases, I've designed a horizontal version of the logo, preserving the same spacing proportions.

Intellin new logo horizontal with outline ><

Redesign of the Gendius website

Tools used: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Google Analytics

Shortly after I’ve completed the branding for the Intellin platform I was working on a complete redesign of the company’s website. The previous website wasn’t updated regularly since it’s (pretty much first) deployment and couldn’t be accessed/modified by the Gendius co-founders. The new website was built using WordPress, which allowed us to control, modify and add content in-house.

Old Gendius website

New Gendius website

Our aim was to make refresh the website (including new branding), making more interactive and delightful to use - certain pages were focused on diabetes education. I've also implemented Google Analytics (completely from scratch), wich would allow not only track visits, but also engagement with blog post pieces if needed in the future.

Redesign of the Intellin app (iOS & Android)

Tools used: Sketch, React

Intellin is an app-based platform helping people with diabetes understand their risk of secondary complications. With over 500k global downloads (within a uear), Intellin helps track and manage the condition, by allowing patient input their information and a special risk engine can determine if a patient is at risk of developing: eye, heart and brain, kidneys or feet complications.

My role as a lead product designer, was to build an app interface (iOS and Android) and a web dashboard interface for clinicians. One of our challenges was to build a tool that will be tailored to the person and their type of diabetes.

Triptych of a person holding an iPhone 11 with the Intellin app opened

Intellin app and clinicians dashboard ><

Thank you for reading!