Corners of Dublin

Corners of Dublin explores just that - a city of corners collated into one ever expanding village of stories and secrets. In our coastal capital there are faded relics of yesteryears everyday to be discovered at every step and glance. There is always a little piece of history in every brick for Dubliners native and adopted, both united in their oblivion to the lives of those two doors away.

So often in a world of blue screens and techno screams, of being plugged into the hashtags and latest fads, we can succumb to ignoring the crooks, nooks and very bones of the life worn cityscape that lays bare all around us.

With Corners of Dublin, I had the idea to remove all external distraction, to eradicate all unnecessary clutter in a bid to make each individual facade and corner of our fair city the very focal point, the be all and end all of every portrait on this account.

I like to think of this project as a self portrait of this colourful patch-worked city I call home. It is taking the forgotten, unloved, unwanted beauties that once structured Dublin and giving them a simplistic platform on which to be admired and appreciated as they so deserve. After all, without each of these corners, there is no Dublin.

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Columbia Mills building.
City arts building.
M Roche solicitiors building on Parliament street.
Red brick building on King Street, Smithfield.
Good vibrations building on Capel Street, neons.
Mother Redcaps Tavern in Liberties.
Saint Nicholas of Myra Parish Hall, Carman's Hall.
Bungalows in The Coombe.
Building in Strand street.
The Academy on Middle Abbey street.