Recruitment application

Product Designer
Oct 2023 – Present
🇬🇧 UK
Figma, React, Pendo, Heap, Maze
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Recruitment application is at the forefront of Newcross Healthcare's operations. Vetting and hiring candidates can be very monotonous and challenging. Since every candidate comes from a different background, accommodating all of them can be difficult. I was tasked with optimising the recruitment flow, increasing the conversion rate, and decreasing the time between when an applicant registers and when they are hired.


By streamlining the application process (through analytics research and user testing), I have managed to:

  • Increase the conversion rate from 65% to 94% when applicants start the application and land on the "Your Experience" page
  • Reduce the time to book an interview from 5 days to an average of 2.3 days
  • Increase the weekly average of booked interviews from 2 to 7, ~150% increase in monthly booked interviews on average
  • Improve the number of eligible and "quality" applicants (who have the Right to Work in the UK and at least 6 months of care experience in the UK) by using filtering questions

This project is ongoing.

Writing in progress...