Health Gate for AstraZeneca - accessible healthcare in the Gulf region

Product Designer
Jun 2020 – Jan 2021
🇦🇪🇸🇦🇶🇦 Gulf region
Figma, ProtoPie, React Native


This project came about as a need to fill the gap in providing robust and trusted healthcare information in the Gulf region. It started as a healthcare app and transformed into a lifestyle app. I had the chance to lead the work on the project with the AstraZeneca team from its early inception, setting a solid groundwork for what it is today.

Health Gate app v2 thumbnails displayed on the iPhone X

The beginnings

The project - Health Gate or HealthGate - began as a proof of concept of sorts; AstraZeneca tasked an external agency to first build the app that would encompass their vision. This version didn't make it fully into production.

Health Gate app v1 thumbnails
The version 1 of the app was short-lived on the Google Play Store from what I recall...

This was the time when the Intellin app was gaining momentum and attention in the health-tech startup news. In short, AstraZeneca approached us and entrusted us with developing the app, considering our ability to leverage our proven (Intellin) stack.

Migrating the Intellin Design System

After constructing a versatile set of building blocks (Intellin design system) in Sketch, I have initiated the process of migrating it to Figma to enhance collaboration with the AZ team. One interesting challenge involved making the system bi-directional to accommodate both left-to-right/right-to-left languages—given that the app was set to be developed in English and Arabic. Fortunately, my experience with RTL languages from my pre-press days proved to be quite beneficial.

Example of components built with RTL and LTR languages in mind.
Building components with RTL and LTR languages in mind.
Screenshot of an Intellin Design System documentation
This was also a time when I began documenting things properly (outside of the design files, of course). Given low budgets, I've spun out a free instance for our documentation using git + docsify, with no cost incurred to us 💪.

Concepts and prototypes

Working alongside AstraZeneca was a fast-paced journey Working with AstraZeneca was very fast paced, in short: I consistently created and delivered prototypes (utilising ProtoPie) on a weekly basis, all the while gathering feedback from the AZ team. Over the course of weeks, the project grew with additional features that were being scoped through our design sprints.

One of the most complete prototypes, demonstrating features related to clinically approved content, medication, and BMI management. It also allows users to utilise an integrated Intellin app to help manage diabetes.
Screenshot of some of the new feature iteration.
Some of the features/iteration were incremental, enhancing a 'Home' screen (sending reminders at the right time), improved cards, 'Learn' screen showing only selected topics, etc.


The times weren’t kind to us at Gendius. COVID had a detrimental impact on our plans; I was put on the furlough scheme and couldn’t commit to the project full time. The AZ marketing team was taking over the project, bringing an agency to take over the design direction, requesting more features etc. I decided to leave the company to pursue a full-time career. Despite these challenges, the project has been delivered and is live on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It still uses the same journey and principles that we fleshed out internally in our prototypes and designs.

AstraZeneca Health Gate app screens from the App store
The current version of the Health Gate app on the App Store.

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